Last week, a potential “exploit” was identified in the UNIX and LINUX computing systems.
Since Apple’s Mac OSX operating system is UNIX based, it is possible that users running OS 10.9.5 (Mavericks) are vulnerable to potential attack.

Publically nicknamed “shellshock” or “bash” by the media, the bug ”could allow unauthorized users to remotely gain control of vulnerable systems.”

Tho highly unlikely, if you are using a modern Mac running OS 10.9.5, it’s a good idea to download the quick, small patch and install it.

You can grab it, FREE, here.


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iPhone 6 Keynote



Speculation about tomorrow’s keynote has been swarming for months.

Will we see a new phone? Several new phones? A “phablet”? or the long anticipated iWatch? the release date of OS X Yosemite?

Only those in Apple’s executive circle know for sure, but there is a reasonable amount of pre-show drama indicating that this will be one of the biggest keynote announcements we’ve seen in some time:

  • Apple has built a large “white box” [building] next to the venue.
  • Apple has invited ABC anchor David Muir for exclusive access. His piece will broadcast tomorrow evening at 6:30.
  • Typically tight-lipped Jonny Ive recently commented that Switzerland (the world’s foremost manufacturer of timepieces) should watch out.
  • If you head over to, you’ll notice that you aren’t even prompted with the companies landing page. Instead, you are immediately redirected to the countdown and ultimately the live-stream of tomorrow’s event.

The last note, for me, is the true indicator that something, atypically, major is happening tomorrow.
For the first time (that I can recall), apple’s own landing page is inaccessible. Further, it’s pointing you to a countdown…building suspense.

It’s not unusual for the company to offer a countdown [to the keynote] but, this is the first time they’ve ever shoved it in your face — like it or not.

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RIP Steve Jobs ~ 2yrs Later

On October 4, 2013, in Industry News, Opinion, by Christian


It’s hard to believe that Steve has been gone for 2yrs, but as of today, he has. May he continue to inspire us all & rest in peace.


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App Store w/Badge


Continuing on with my iOS7 tips, here’s another: Turn ON automatic app updates.

Another default feature, in the beta version of iOS7, Apple has chosen to turn this feature off by default, but i think it should be on. If you are like me, you are HAUNTED by notification badges: those little red-number-circles, hijacking the upper-right corner of your apps.

Updating your apps is good practice. Software updates often include bug fixes, design overhauls and additional features, but having to maintain all your app updates as they become available is a hassle. Now, in iOS7, you can let your device do it for you.

Here’s how:

Go to Settings >> iTunes & App Store.
Then turn ON “Updates”.

Now, whenever your device is connected to WiFi, resting & identifies an app update available, it will automatically download it. Trust me, it’s genius.


iOS7 Settings

iOS7 iTunes & App Store

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that Apple not only released new iPhones, but today, it also released its radically different operating system, iOS7. MILLIONS bombarded Apple’s servers [to download the new OS], and while a bunch have struggled to connect or get thru, the pipeline seems to be clearing.

I’ve been using iOS7 since its beta release in June and lots of interesting things have changed and improved. I’ll be providing many more tips in the coming days/weeks, but until then:


Settings > Control Center

Once you do get thru, download and install, adjust two settings from the get-go:

1) go to Settings > Control Center and turn “Access on Lock Screen” OFF.
I’m still not sure why apple hasn’t changed this by default, but they haven’t.

Unless you de-activate this feature, the control center is accessible even when your phone is sleeping and/or locked. Why is that a concern? Imagine if your phone is stolen…the thief need only swipe up, and then tap airplane mode (to deactivate ALL wireless features), eliminating any chance you have of recovering your phone.

Sure, Apple has made improved other efforts for finding the phone and protecting it, but they ALL require internet access. Do yourself a favor and shut this off so that the Control Center is only accessible when the phone is unlocked.



2) with your phone unlocked, swipe up (from the bottom of your screen) to access the new Control Center. Tap “AirDrop” and then “Contacts Only.” Your iPhone will request your iCloud password. Once authenticated your screen will look like the one below.

Control Center

Airdrop is a new iOS7 feature allowing you to send pictures, contacts, sounds or other files to friends near you. It’s very handy and will soon replace the need to “text me that picture.”

The problem with AirDrop is that, out of the box, ANYONE can see you when nearby and request the right to send you files. Perhaps it’s the creep on the subway sending you something XXX, or worse, some type of new viral app.

By changing this setting, only those people in your contacts AND nearby can request the right to send you files.


Look for more tips soon!

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As expected, and right on schedule, Apple sent out invites for a September 10th, 2013 “Special Event.”

Rumors have been swirling for months about what we can expect, particularly knowing that these keynotes are typically used to announce and springboard new iOS devices.

Will we get a new iPhone 5S? The hyped iPhone 5C, and/or a new set of iPads? And, what about iTunes? will it finally make it’s way to the public?

guess we’ll find out in a week! ;)


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 iCloud Redesign

When Apple announced it’s radical redesign of iOS back in June, we all knew it would inevitably make it’s way into OS X. The question was, how long would it take? After all, during the same announcement, Apple previewed the next version of OS X (Mavericks) where these new design elements and concepts were strangely absent.

Today, developers were treated to a new beta portal of the long-standing As you can see elements for each app (including Address Book, Reminders, Calendar, Notes & Mail) have been modified to mimic their iOS counter-parts. Since iCloud previously mimicked OS X, I think it’s safe to say that OS X will soon adopt this new look. has some great coverage and photos here. Check’em out.

What do you think of the new look as it starts making it’s way into OS X? Let us know with your comments below.

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Tired of an app? Or, are you having trouble with one? Sometimes, the data in the app becomes corrupt and the easiest way to fix it is to simply delete the app and re-install it.

It’s worth pointing out that you are not charged to re-download any app from the App Store that you’ve previously paid for. Additionally, if you upgraded (using in-app purchases) your app, those purchases can also be “restored” within the app for free.

To delete any app, press and hold ANY icon on your screen. After a moment, the icons will start to dance. You’ll also notice an “x” in the upper left corner of each. Tap the “x” and wait a moment. Your device will prompt you to confirm that you want to delete the app and it’s data files.

deleting an app

Apps made by Apple cannot be deleted and therefore won’t have the “x” option to delete.
Also, if your app doesn’t offer synchronizing (usually with an online account or cloud), deleting the app and it’s data will permanently erase anything you’ve personally entered. For example, if you deleted a notes app that didn’t synchronize to an online account (like iCloud), any notes you’d written would be deleted permanently.

Re-installing an app is easy too. Launch the App Store (on your iOS device) and search for the app. You will see the option to “install” again by tapping, confirming and entering your Apple ID password.

You can also find a complete list of purchased apps under the “updates” tab (at the bottom of the App Store.


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Restarting any iOS device is simple:

1) Press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” button on the top of your device. After a moment, you should see a screen asking “slide to power off.” slide the red arrow to the right of your screen and in a few moments, your device will be fully OFF.

2) Once the device is OFF, press and hold the sleep wake button, again, until you see the Apple logo. Your device is now powering up.

If your device is acting particularly abnormal, or you are not able to “slide to power off,” press and hold BOTH the “Sleep/Wake” and home buttons. After approximately 5 seconds, the device will go black and then restart itself. If you see the “slide to power off” during this process, CONTINUE holding the buttons until you are greeted with the apple logo.

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we knew it was coming, because apple has been counting down

well, the day has come: apple announced [officially] that on may 15, 2013 they officially broke 1 billion (unique) downloads in the app store.

“…today announced that customers have downloaded over 50 billion apps* from the revolutionary App Store℠. Customers are downloading more than 800 apps per second at a rate of over two billion apps per month on the App Store. The 50 billionth app was Say the Same Thing by Space Inch, LLC, which was downloaded by Brandon Ashmore from Mentor, Ohio who received a $10,000 App Store Gift Card to commemorate this historic milestone.”

congrats to Space Inch & Brandon Ashmore!


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